Forged Droids | Hughes Engineering

This project creates a low-cost, humanoid robotics system, which includes a robot, an immersive operator control/training system, and service for sharing the training data. Hughes Engineering believes a humanoid robotics system provides the most flexibility for automating human tasks. This system will enable automation for smaller manufacturers and extreme product customization. This solution also meets the Ana Avatar XPRIZE goals for remote operation of robotics for experts that can?t travel and operation in environments unsafe for humans. This XPRIZE Competition provides addition motivation for the team to complete the SBIR Phase 1 design objectives. Beyond the Ana Avatar XPRIZE, Hughes Engineering is setting a new price/capability point for general purpose robotics, enabling human robot operation to train the robot for autonomous operation, and sharing that training via Robotics as a Service (RaaS).

Clinton and Guy have both architected $1B programs, worked on advanced military lab research, and worked with startups. Together have a broad range of experience and expertise in systems engineering, RF, mixed signals, cloud computing, control and embedded systems, Electro-mechanical/software product development, amongst other things. In addition, from support of several sponsors and through the co-creation environment with university-based contributors and community engineers, gives Hughes Engineering the necessary background, skillsets, and competitive edge to be successful in this development effort.

Clinton Hughes, founder of Hughes Engineering, has a M.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering with over 20 years of experience in research and development of Consumer and OEM products; as well as, development of automation of robotic systems for the purpose of design, develop, test and assembly of technological products for military, industrial, and commercial applications.

Guy Bieber, co-founder of Hughes Engineering Robotics division, has a B.S.E Degree in Computer Systems Engineering. Formerly held office as CTO for various companies developing technologies; such as, helicopter autopilots, maneuvering rockets, wearable soldier systems, Intelligence Reconnaissance Surveillance (ISR) systems, and Command and Control (C2) systems.